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Personal Training
Personal Training

1 on 1

SSP & Barre

Blend of lengthening pilates, strengthening boxing and dance moves

Piloxing SSP

With the pilates component, you’ll notice stronger, longer and leaner muscles, improved flexibility, better muscle control and better coordination.
Boxing provides you with stronger and more powerful arms, shoulders and back and the mental empowerment of how strong you really are.
The dancing produces happiness-inducing endorphins in your body and gets your metabolism going into overdrive.

Mixture of traditional barre moves, standing pilates and action packed boxing.


 This game-changing workout takes place at the barre, but shifts between the slow leg work that improves balance, leans muscles, and strengthens joints, and the intense arm work that that builds strong arms and shoulders, increases power, and gets your heart pumping. It’s not the barre workout you heard about, it’s the one you can’t wait to talk about.

Small Group Training
Small Group Training

2-4 people

Training Overview

At 7:24 Fitness on the Rock, we believe that each and every exercise and component of the training program should have a reason. Movement patterns aren’t just randomly thrown in; they are programmed to ensure that all movements are covered adequately each week. 

The way movements are combined is also changed to continue challenging and stimulating the members so they get the best results. Periodization is applied to the workouts to help avoid plateaus but also designed to give the members adequate recovery to help avoid injury and get the most out of their programs. Nothing can be left to chance if we want our members to get the best results!

Also, we know that results are key, but we also believe there needs to be friendship, camaraderie and fun! We want people to work out hard, but we also want them to enjoy being in the gym with us. At our gym, people are smiling and laughing on their way in and out. They “high five” as they’re going out and tell the people coming in what’s in store for them. We are family!

Training Descriptions

Team Workouts
Team Workouts

2-8 people