About 7:24 Fitness on the Rock

"Our staff gives you the coaching to build a solid foundation for a better you. Our family culture allows you to enjoy every step of your wellness transformation."

About Us

At 7:24 Fitness on the Rock, we believe that physical fitness is only one part of your total wellness picture. Our founder and lead fitness and lifestyle coach, Nick Pepper, has been helping people achieve their wellness goals for over a decade, and he’s been running 7:24 Fitness on the Rock for over three years. Nick and the entire coaching staff are confident that you are capable of changing your own life, and believe that accountability is the true key to unlocking a better you.


When you join the 7:24 Fit Fam, you’ll build meaningful relationships with people who were once strangers. You’ll find that the gym becomes your favorite place to relieve stress; your go-to spot to improve your mood daily. And, most of all, you’ll get the opportunity to get a little bit closer to the best version of yourself every day. There’s no better feeling than consistently accomplishing your goals while being surrounded by others with the same intention.


We offer an unmatched variety of training options including 1:1 personal training, small group training, and other exciting forms of group training so you can always keep your mind and body guessing. Plus, we give you unique tools like our body composition scale and accountability app to help you better track and gauge your progress. We never ask you to be perfect. We do ask that you try your best to improve just a little bit each day. We can’t wait to see the transformation you build at 7:24 Fitness on the Rock!